Legal basis of the disclosure: Law 4316 [Government Gazette 270A / 24.12.2014, Article 66, par. 7 (a)], “every Pharmaceutical Company must publish by name on its website and on the special website of EOF, no later than six months from the closing of each calendar year, any benefit granted to third parties Health Professionals and Scientific Health Institutions …… .. regarding the promotion of prescription drugs».

Purpose of disclosure: transparency and consolidation of trust in pharmaceutical companies’ relationships with patients, healthcare professionals, scientific healthcare providers and society.

Taking into account the local Legislation (law 4316/2014), the nos. 5/2016 and 2/2017 Opinions of the Personal Data Protection Authority, the Code of Conduct of SFEE, WinMedica publishes the values transferred to EY and EYF, which relate to the commercial distribution of prescription drugs for human use as follows.:

  • Aggregate: the values ​​transferred to Health Professionals (HE) for their participation in Type A Events inside and outside (registration, accommodation, transfer costs), fees for the provision of consulting or other services (eg advisory boards, training, etc.) as well as the benefits which WinMedica has done in terms of Research and Development.
  • Nominal/individual: the values ​​transferred to Scientific Health Institutions (EYF) as well as to EY for their participation in events of Type B-Promotional character in detail and distinctly by category of provision (ie travel expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.).
    The time of posting the data on the internet is three years.

In each expense shown in the Table, it is indicated whether the amounts relate to gross or net fees. The recorded amounts refer to amounts paid by WinMedica to EY and EYF within 2016 (regardless of the interval related to the provision of service).

According to Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), in order for a processing to be lawful, it is sufficient that it is necessary for the Compliance Officer to comply with a legal obligation.

WinMedica is responsible for processing the personal data of the EVs with which it cooperates. Based on the above, there is no obligation on the part of WinMedica to obtain the prior consent of the EVs for the disclosure of benefits provided by the latter, to the extent that such disclosure is a legal obligation of the company as the controller. It is noted that data subjects have the right to access and correct their personal data, the right to object, the right to be forgotten as well as the right to portability, to the extent that these rights are not restricted by the fulfillment of the above legal obligation of WinMedica, pursuant to Law 4316/2014.

WinMedica has made every effort to ensure that the attached disclosure report is in full compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory framework. Our goal is to maintain the maximum possible accuracy and completeness in the published data.

Responsible: Win Medica Pharmaceutical Societe Anonyme, Oedipus 1-3 & Paradromos Attiki Odos 33-35, 152 38 Chalandri Attica, Tel. 210-7488821, Fax: 210-7488827, email:

Health professionals who are the subjects of the published data are reminded that they have the right to access and correct any inaccurate data. The relevant requests must be submitted in writing by sending a letter or email to the above addresses and must contain a request for a specific action.

You can download the disclosure of WinMedica S.A. for 2019 from here.