Win Medica, supports the efforts of the European Union countries and promote exchange of best practices relating to patient safety and quality of healthcare.

Safety profile of all pharmaceutical products during their existance is vital. To ensure this, Win Medica has adequate controls to ensure that all sources of information are systematically checked, appropriate actions shall take place if any evidence and reported to the authorities, as well as changes that may occur to healthcare professionals and patients regarding the characteristics of our products..

Please report any side effects in your patients who receive  In the report, please provide as much information as possible, including information about medical history, concomitant use any other drug, and run dates and treatment.

For any suspected side effects please report it to the company immediately on +30 210 74 88 821  or send us FAX on +30 21074 88 827 or email

For any medical information please call us at +30 210 74 88 821 or email

Please bear in mind that the side effects associated with the use  

  • Electronic submission of yellow cards through the website EOF
  • Mission of yellow cards in printed form by mail, free of charge, at the Department of ADRs of EOF (Mesogeion 284, Cholargos 15562) Contact Phone: +30 213 2040 380 ή +30 213 2040 337.
  • Submit the yellow card by fax at+30 210 65 49 585.