NHS and Hellenic Pharmaceutical Industry highlighted their importance in the worst health crisis the country has ever known

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted two critical pillars for public health: The National Health System and the Greek pharmaceutical industry.

Those who had in mind to downplay the needs and modernization of the NHS now realize that they need to rethink their perceptions. The NHS is a conquest of society. Its support is a priority of the welfare state, a shield for the health of the citizens.

Those who see the Greek pharmaceutical industry as a “poor relative” of the pharmaceutical market, refusing to listen to the messages of anguish and responsibility that it has been sending out for years, would do well to look at the open problems faced by a gifted sector, with an enormous contribution to the health of citizens and the economy.

In these critical times, the wounded infrastructure and the neglected people of the NHS have kept THERMOPILES, with superhuman struggle. The Greek pharmaceutical companies ensured the sufficiency of the necessary medicines for patients, working (under adverse conditions) on a 24-hour basis, in order to ensure the full and smooth supply of hospitals and the coverage of the increased needs of patients, especially those with chronic diseases.

And this is no accident: Greek pharmaceutical companies are an essential pillar of public health. They hold ready stocks of medicines for at least four months, and are able to cover 60% in volume of the pharmaceutical needs of primary care and 50% of hospital needs, while reducing dependence on unnecessary admissions. No patient with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and neurological diseases will be left without their essential medicines in this unexpected crisis.

They have also undertaken, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, to prepare antiseptic solutions to meet the needs of medical and nursing staff in hospitals, thus contributing to the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The Greek pharmaceutical production companies – with their specialized staff and modern facilities – are also closely following the scientific developments concerning the new coronavirus treatment regimens under investigation and are ready to make their production units available to the state for the production of any treatment deemed appropriate.

Few countries have our privilege of increased self-sufficiency in drugs. The Greek pharmaceutical industries, despite the climate of general uncertainty, are a factor of stability for the health system, as more than three million insured persons currently cover their therapeutic needs with high quality Greek medicines.

We are all more or less aware of the need to support the NHS.  Perhaps we should also take the opportunity to become aware of the importance of the existence and development of the Greek pharmaceutical industry.

Source. economico.gr – healthmag.gr