Win Medica

Win Medica is a pharmaceutical company with high goals, modern strategy and vision. Based on a high scientific background, it aspires to be soon a true partner of the Health institutions.

Our Mission

To serve life through health, with respect for our patients and clients, our colleagues and investors, our strategic partners and our society.

Win Medica has as a priority the upgrade of the patient's care in order to improve his quality of life. The introduction in the Greek Pharmaceutical market, which excel in action and safety in comparison with current treatments, will provide reliable solutions to the therapeutic gap faced by the doctor today, saving valuable resources for patients and health care providers.

Promiste for Health, Promise for Life

Our values



Passion for victory / Commitment





To serve life through health. With respect to our patients and customers, our colleagues and investors, our strategic partners and our society.

Win Medica is a pharmaceutical company, with a modern strategy, that serves the improvement of Health and Quality of Life as well as the Saving of Resources in the health system by approaching its goals through:

Introduction and circulation of original formulations of leading research companies

Presence in high value-added generic drugs, with advanced formulations

Activation in acquisitions and in-licensing to ensure continuous flow of new and innovative products

Investing significant resources as an incentive to develop innovative therapies

Support for selected research programs of university institutions

Win Medica Quality Policy

Here you can find the Win Medica Quality Policy, revised according to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard. As well as the Certificate of Quality Management, and the Certificate of Ministerial Decision ΔΥ8Δ / Γ.Π. ΟΙΚ / 1348/2004 on the “Good Practice of Distribution of Medical Devices”.

winmedica certificates

winmedica quality policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Win Medica, corporate responsibility is a fundamental principle that surrounds our entire business and influences our overall attitude towards social and environmental issues. Every activity of the company develops based on our values, vision and mission. We act responsibly and with respect while reciprocating to society.

At Win Medica we consider it important to develop corporate responsibility actions from the first years of our operation. We focus on 3 main areas of action.

Human Resources

The internal business environment and practices for Human Resources (e.g. Equal Opportunities, Training, etc.)


The natural environment and its protection, i.e. management of environmental issues but also awareness of the social environment.

Local Communities

and the society in general, with emphasis on the part of health and mainly due to the sector in which we operate.

Corporate Development

Since its establishment in 2008, Win Medica has been a partner of selection of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Pfizer, Accord Healthcare, Sequris, in the promotion of products of various therapeutic categories, mainly for the treatment of cardiovascular & metabolic diseases.

Win Medica is particularly interested in introducing new therapeutic solutions for patients that will complement the existing portfolio consisting of innovative in-patent products, non-patent original products as well as branded generic products.

Win Medica’s business development division focuses on identifying and evaluating potential collaboration opportunities by creating new growth rates for the company and its potential partners, according to the following business models:

Strategic alliances

With Greek & multinational pharmaceutical companies in the framework of Co-marketing / Co-promotion agreements, for the most effective management of the life cycle of recently introduced products on the market, established products inside / outside the patent and branded generic products of high therapeutic importance.

Search for product licenses in the following categories:

Metabolic diseases
Inflammatory diseases
Medical devices
Food supplements

Licensing products at a mature stage of development prior to obtaining FDA and / or Coreper approval

Co-development of innovative or generic products

In differentiated formulation or with properties that provide benefit for patients in the above or other therapeutic categories.

The skills and experience of Win Medica proved to be essential for the establishment of successful and long-term relationships with our partners, ensuring significant expansion of their products in the Greek market through effective accessibility, quality support in regulatory processes and faithful implementation of the Marketing and sales plan in agreement with the Greek and European principles of Ethics.

Research Collaborations

Starting with the principle “a world full of health, a world full of life”, Win Medica aims to develop new and improved treatment options for chronic and malignant diseases.


Essential Collaborations

It collaborates with leading Universities and specialized bodies in Greece and abroad and invests in research activities aimed at the development of innovative, stable combinations of drugs and high added value of generic products.

Educational Programs Support

It supports selected research programs of university institutions, financing various stages of their clinical trials in order to be able to secure rights from the entry of innovative products into the market.

Investments in International Research Programs

It invests in international research programs of biosimilar preparations, which are reliable and affordable treatment options.