Win Medica is a leading Athens-based pharmaceutical company.

We aim to improve patients access to affordable and innovative treatments leveraging our highly skilled scientific workforce, our strong commercial presence in the Greek market and our strategic commercial collaborations across the globe.

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Strategic Partnerships

An important key to Win Medica success is the strategic agreements that has entered into with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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Recent News

In this section, you will find all our news and announcements that may interest you, and the latest from the existing site.

Launch in Greece of the first long-acting biosimilar Filgrastim

Win Medica is pleased to announce the launch of the...

Donation of masks to the SY.DA.P.T.T.T.

Win Medica, responding to the request of SY.D.A.P.T.T. (Association of...

Generic Medicines & COVID-19

Pharmaceutical industries that produce generic medicines are key partners...

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