Clinical Studies

Clinical trials are a necessary stage in the research and development of medicines to document their safety and efficacy before they are approved by the authorities. However, clinical studies are also carried out post-clinical studies to monitor the safety of medicines in the general population or even to investigate efficacy in a new indication (non-interventional and interventional studies).

The main priority in clinical trials is patient safety. Patient participation is voluntary and takes place after signing an informed consent form explaining the benefits and potential risks of participating in the study.

The benefits of participating in a clinical trial are multiple for the patient. It offers the possibility of a new, usually innovative, drug designed to provide greater benefit than the established treatments for whatever disease is being studied. In addition, the patient enjoys high quality, free healthcare services in specialized centers.

Epidemiological studies are also of particular interest as, when properly conducted, they provide valuable scientific data, for example on the characteristics of a disease or on the health status of patients, which can be used to improve the treatment of a disease or to develop health policies.

Win Medica invests heavily in R&D programmes and conducts a number of interventional and non-interventional studies.

Scientific data from these studies have been published in reputable scientific journals and have been presented at Greek and Pan-European medical conferences.