Glucose Meter On Call® Vivid


High technology that offers 100% accuracy for people with diabetes to feel 100% confident in self-managing their diabetes.

Blood glucose meters (On Call® Vivid)



Good glycemic control is the main goal of modern diabetes management.

It is clear, therefore, that this goal can only be achieved by frequent self-monitoring of blood sugar. Despite the great importance of self-monitoring, many diabetics still do not routinely self-monitor either because of inadequate training in the use of glucose meters, or because of complexity in use, or because often the high cost of quality self-monitoring can be a significant barrier for those who want to better manage their diabetes.

Having a special interest in the field of diabetology, Win Medica is pleased to announce its partnership with the American multinational high-tech company ACON Laboratories Inc.

Through the new partnership, Win Medica ensures the exclusive distribution in Greece of the internationally acclaimed On Call Vivid glucose meter developed to contribute to better self-monitoring of diabetic patients by ensuring simple, fast and above all reliable glucose measurements.

Blood glucose meters (On Call® Vivid)



Self-monitoring of blood glucose is crucial because it contributes to making appropriate treatment decisions that are aimed at achieving each patient’s desired glycemic goal.

Win Medica, aiming to contribute to the better self-control of diabetic patients, offers in the Greek market the Blood Glucose Monitoring System On Call® Vivid of the American company ACON.

The internationally acclaimed On Call® Vivid blood glucose meter has:

100% measurement accuracy according to the latest ISO 15197:2013

Accurate results also in patients with high or low blood glucose values with the automatic correction technology

Warning of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and ketones in order to take appropriate measures and avoid dangerous situations

Special packaging for the strips carrying 4 gold-plated electrodes for maximum accuracy

Simplification of the measurement procedure because it does not require coding and each measurement takes only 5 seconds using a small drop of 0,8 µL of blood

Accuracy and reliability of results whether capillary blood is taken from the fingertip, palm or forearm of the patient

Measurement Software

From here you can download the SOFTWARE (in compressed form), which is necessary for monitoring blood glucose via computer.


Our ON CALL meter connects via a special USB cable to computers running Windows at least version 7.

Then through this program if the meter is connected to a computer on which this program is installed then all the measurements taken by the patient are displayed electronically.

For more information, you can download the Installation Guide and User Manual.