Win Medica supported the Aegean Team’s Winter Mission


Win Medica supported the Winter Mission of the Aegean Team

Monday October 23rd, 2017

Win Medica, the fast-growing Greek pharmaceutical company, once again stood by Team Aegean. This time, it supported the Aegean Team’s Winter Mission in Alonissos, which took place from 13 to 15 October.

Win Medica delivered free of charge to the residents of the island On Call® Vivid blood glucose meters with their respective consumables (scalpels and measuring strips) and Sofargen® Spray, the healing spray for the treatment of skin micro-injuries, especially abrasions, cuts, surface wounds and general skin continuity solutions.

The Aegean Team’s Winter Mission to Alonissos took place from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 October, with 70 volunteers.  Specifically, the residents of Alonissos were given the opportunity to visit 23 qualified doctors and to undergo, among other things, blood and biochemical tests in the Group’s fully staffed microbiological laboratory as well as free vaccinations against pneumococcus.

A few words about Win Medica

Win Medica is a fast-growing Greek pharmaceutical company that has been active in the pharmaceutical market since 2008 through strategic alliances with renowned research companies for the introduction and launch of innovative formulations, while developing high value-added generic drugs. It is strategically positioned in emerging biotech markets and invests in research and development through national and international training programs. It currently employs 135 people with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market.