World Sleep Day 2018


World Sleep Day has been established by the World Sleep Association to raise awareness and inform the public. Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and is one of the three pillars of good health along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

This year, World Sleep Day is dedicated to the importance of circadian rhythm in healthy sleep, which is regulated by the body itself (biological clock) but is also influenced by environmental factors such as sunlight.

The sleep-wake cycle is regulated by a hormone produced by our body, melatonin. Our body clock controls how much melatonin is produced during the 24-hour period to achieve sleep or early wakefulness.

Refreshing sleep, pleasant awakening!

When melatonin met valerian, Valetonina®, a dietary supplement from Win Medica, was born.

Valetonina® has an innovative design, which allows the release of its two components at different times. The tablet coating, which contains the melatonin, dissolves quickly helping to reduce the time needed to fall asleep. Inside the tablet, i.e. in the core, is valerian, which is released in a second time, providing a prolonged and peaceful sleep during the night.

The result is a refreshing sleep but also a pleasant awakening that improves well-being, mood and response to daily activity.

Valetonina®, in addition to being a recognised dietary supplement for promoting sleep naturally, is also a proven and valuable ally in combating, at any age, the effects of jet-lag.

Available in pharmacies.

 A few words about Win Medica

Win Medica is a fast-growing Greek pharmaceutical company that has been active in the pharmaceutical market since 2008 through strategic alliances with renowned research companies for the introduction and launch of innovative formulations, while developing high value-added generic drugs. It is strategically positioned in emerging biotech markets and invests in research and development through national and international training programmes. It currently employs 135 people with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market.

Today it employs 135 people with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market.

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