Win Medica supported the Shinkyokushinkai Karate Academy



Tuesday June 27th, 2017

20th Greek Shinkyokushinkai Summer Camp 2017

Win Medica, the fast-growing Greek pharmaceutical company, supported the Shinkyokushinkai Karate Academy and specifically the 20th Greek Shinkyokushinkai Summer Camp 2017, which took place from 22 to 26 June in Agios Ioannis, Pelion.

Win Medica, undertook to cover the clothing needs of the athletes and instructors of the 20th Greek Shinkyokushinkai Summer Camp 2017. The shirts distributed to the participants bore the Win Medica and Sofargen® spray logo.

The Greek Shinkyokushinkai Summer Camp, an event that has become an institution and a major sporting event in the field of karate, this year marked its 20th anniversary. From 1997 to date, the Greek Shinkyokushinkai Summer Camp has attracted over 2,000 participants, athletes and instructors of Greek and foreign origin, resulting in the promotion and development of sports tourism in the region.

A few words about Win Medica

Win Medica is a rapidly growing Greek pharmaceutical company that has been active in the pharmaceutical market since 2008 through strategic alliances with renowned research companies for the introduction and launch of innovative formulations, while developing high value-added generic drugs. It is strategically positioned in emerging biotech markets and invests in research and development through national and international educational (usually written research) programs. It currently employs 135 people with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market.

Source : EFAM