World Sleep Day 2019

“Good sleep” means “good health” at all ages

Valetonina® celebrates World Sleep Day and reminds us that “good sleep” plays an important role in our physical and mental health, whatever our age.

When we enjoy a “good night’s sleep” our brain is properly prepared for the demands of the next day, we respond better to daily activities and our mood improves. A “good night’s sleep” is a valuable ally of good metabolism, proper child development, beauty and good health.

When do we enjoy a “good night’s sleep”?

Good sleep should be of the right duration and quality, i.e. no wake-ups during the night. We have slept well when we wake up refreshed and do not feel sleepy during the day.

Improve your sleeping space so that you feel comfortable, leave work, thoughts and worries out of the bedroom, create a healthy sleep routine and enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Sweet dreams from Valetonina®

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